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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Art Things

So, my final project for CGT 211 turned out like this. It's pretty amateur, but that makes sense considering it's the third picture I've ever tried to color and shade. I wish we would have learned more about the process for that - I don't even understand how people can keep their shading values constant when brushing over something multiple times. I guess I should have looked through more tutorials online.

But in any case, if you asked me two years ago whether I would be trying to paint in Photoshop for one of my classes, I probably would have responded with a resounding "HELL NO!" And as it is, I'm somewhat confident in my grade for that class. So go figure.

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Anonymous GrapeRoad said...

If anyone a few years ago had told me that I'd still be alive in college, and that I may actually be smart, I would guffaw at them.

Of course, considering your leanings, it's often a wonder why you chose CGT over CS or CPT in the first place. Perhaps chaos theory could explain it. Now if only I knew what chaos theory was...


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