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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Crazy Christian Things

IU Antigays:
The Old Paths group began the day with a protest behind Woodburn Hall. Though the group has been to IU many times in the past few years, Monday's demonstration was larger than usual, complete with children playing instruments and singing songs beside the sign-wielding adults.

Hmmm... Of course I've heard of the Phelpsian types, but never had one hit as close to home as IU. I notice both this group of crazies and Phelp's small crowd are Baptists... is there something wrong with Baptism? I wonder if these are the same jerks who come around Purdue every spirng and have 10-year-olds waving around pictures of "aborted fetuses," which are actually live babies born with a lethal skin condition?

In any case, I found this bit hilarious:
The protestors left promptly at 3:15 p.m., boarding a bus covered in large photographs of aborted fetuses.

A man runs up to the brave protestors who are viciously prayer-battling a deviant coffee shop. He quickly finds the man in charge of the Baptist Battallion 3, 2nd Division.

Messianic Messenger: Sir! We have to move! Defeating this evil coffee shop is important, but I've heard Planned Parenthood is having a bakesale not 10 minutes from here!
Christ Commander: *gasp!* Quick, to the fetus-mobile!

The group quickly mobilizes and performs a strategic retreat. As they drive away, the Christ Commander waves his fist defiantly at the deviant coffee shop.

Christ Commander: You may have won this round, villains, but God will smite you next time!

Via Straight, Not Narrow

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