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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Governer Things

Ehrlich bristles at Oreo skeptics - baltimoresun.com:
Ehrlich Jr. said yesterday that he is angry at "revisionism" from political opponents who question a much-repeated story about Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele being pelted with Oreos during a 2002 campaign debate in Baltimore.

Versions of the story have been repeated over the years by Ehrlich, Steele and their supporters in describing what they call a pattern of racial slights against the black Republican, and accounts of the event have spread widely.
The incident is said to have occurred when Steele walked to his seat before the debate started, not during the event on stage when it would have been captured on video. Newspaper articles and television news reports from that night didn't mention it, and representatives of the news departments at television stations WBAL, WJZ and WMAR and Maryland Public Television said they have no video of the incident.

Our governer is such a damn wanker. He ran on the promise of being a moderate, but he's helped to teach Marylanders and other blue-staters: there are no moderate republicans. Frankly, I don't like moderate democrats like the antigay Tim Kaine, but at least they're not pushing bullshit to win in a state that doesn't want an extremist.

I've been taking off from political blogging, but I think it might help to up my post count, so I'm going to pick it back up. Don't worry; this will still totally be a cat blog.

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Anonymous James Gonzales-Meisler said...

I don't know about you, but I express my political views through snack food, as well. But a lot of people do that. For instance, you can tell how good a politician is based on their ability to swallow pretzels...


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