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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pencil, Paper, Dice

Pencil, Paper, Dice
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So, as is not unusual enough, I have passed on blogging in favor of work and socializing. Yesterday I did something I do very rarely - I worked all day. I passed on all my social commitments (even dinner out), sat down, and worked 'till my eyes bled. Two in the morning, I could be considered (generously) halfway done. I would do it again today, but I have commitments for group meetings which will most certainly throw off my work groove.

I'm curious about what allows that kind of work ethic. It's an amazing state of zen-like patience whereby I can work for any amount of time without frustration, tedium, or other emotional interferences. I need to find some kind of mindhack that allows me to enter this kind of "working trance" whenever I need to. Maybe it's just a matter of practicing.


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