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Friday, November 04, 2005

NaNoWriMo Things

I was going to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year. I really was. I had a great plot idea that I've been beating around for 2 years or so now. I even went over and set up a Writeboard for it, thinking that a simplified, centralized, online storage method would be the best & easiest way to write. Plus, i get to try out a new 37signals widget, which is always fun.

Unfortunately, unless something changes, it's just not gonna happen this year. With the current setup of classes I have, my time for personal projects is extremely limited, and I just can't prioritize NaNoWriMo over, say, improving my sketching / drawing skills. Trying to prioritize activities that improve me personally is really difficult, because at some point I would like to be a damn good artist, musician, and novelist; alas, some point is not this year.

Hopefully I can pick up fiction / scifi writing again once I'm a bit more satisfied with my development in art & music. Until then, I think blogging is as much writing as I'm going to do.

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