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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Most retarted Thieves EVER

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This is us, recharging my car after the most retarted thieves known to man broke into it.

I awoke Monday morning (well, not really - I played 9 hours straight of cooperative Gears of War, and merely arose from the trance that induced) to find that my car wouldn't start. The items from the glove compartment were strewn across the back seat, and the windshield wiper speed selector was broken off.

Here's what I think happened: Some drunk fratboys decided to see if they could steal something. They poked around the parking lot until they found a car with unlocked doors. It happened to be mine tonight. They tried looking for things worth stealing - throwing the items in the glove compartment around. They probably played with the controls for all the fun that is in a drunken state, but I'd be surprised if it got them anywhere. They broke the windshield wipers, hopefully accidentally, and then left.

Oh, they did steal one thing of value: my $5 CD wallet full of burned copies of mostly free music. Idiots.

Anyway, big kudos to Grape Road and my boyfriend for jumping the car and getting it moving again. I will see if my insurance covers broken off controls and sharpied words all over my dashboard - it should. But other than those minor issues, the car seems to be fine.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

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