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Friday, December 29, 2006

Merry New Year!

It has become a sort of tradition for me to be out of communication during holidays. Generally I try to spend all my time with my family (and with my boyfriend, this time) when I'm home. However, the cause of my non-resposiveness to the four text messages and three voicemails from friends on Christmas was due to other things. Mostly, my cell phone was turned off from being at the movies the night previous, and by the time I got all the messages I didn't have time to answer them all.

But here I shall take the time to say thanks for calling, and I love you all!

While I'm at it, I shall wish all my readers (you happy bunch) a Merry New Year, in addition to a belated ChrismaHannuKwaanziYule. I'll probably post again on the 1st with New Year's resolutions and the like.

If anyone's wondering, yes, I did get an Xbox 360 -- and yes, it does rule. My gamertag (if I buy Xbox Live Gold at some point - and Gears of War might lead me there) is Agiusmage.

Best Wishes!

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Anonymous Zhan said...

Oooh How cute you guys look.


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