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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Winning Things

It seems pretty official: we won. With or without my vote, Joe Micon went to state senate. Unfortunately, it seems like we elected Buyer again, but Indiana changed over 3 seats in the House to Democrats. Good going, state! The Indiana House was also captured by the reality-based party.

Unfortunately, it looks like Lieberman beat out Lamont. Lieberman is more of a republican than most republicans, but apparently he still gets democrats to vote for him somehow. I hope he transitions back into the party, since his pro-PATRIOT ACT, pro-torture, anti-withdrawal views might not be the majority any more. Certainly not a strong majority.

The word is still out about the national Senate - we may have captured that, too, depending on how Montana goes. More news tomorrow. I'll be celebrating at Drinking Liberally - today was a good day to wake up, unlike a similar day about two years ago.

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