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Monday, January 30, 2006

Video Things

This weekend we went to my friend Drew's house. He has an awesome projector / home theatre setup in his basement, to which we attached his dorm computer and bundled wireless connection. We played a lot of gamecube games, watched Advent Children again on the ginormous screen (it looks much better when massive), and also spent an hour or two watching humorous internet videos. I thought as we were watching them, "Hey, this would make a good blog post." So, here is a list of the various videos we watched. If there are any here you haven't seen, take a look - they're all fairly amusing. Almost all these links are to Google Video.

  • Mahir - a man made a web site and this music video to try and get a date. I think it worked.

  • Gunther [NSFW] - "Oooohhh... you touch my tra la la..." music video. Has as much nudity as a James Bond movie.

  • Ikaruga - Guy playing Ikaruga 2-player mode... one ship per hand! It makes me never want to play video games again. Hat Tip: Sly

  • Street Fighter Salsa - the name pretty much says it all. Great ending.

  • Tunak tunak tun - Bad / silly music video by an Indian pop artist... it's a really catchy song & dance, though!

  • Moskau - Dschingis Khan and his infamous breed of 'historical disco.' I'll give it to the Russian, though - he can DANCE!

  • Ballad of Bilbo Baggins - This is definitely the coolest thing Leanord Nimoy has ever done. Go 60's hobbit dancers!

  • Monkey vs. Robot - This is an awesome, if scary, music video by some band. The lyrics will enchant you, though.

  • Numa Numa - If you haven't been living under an iRock for the last year, you've probably seen this. If not, go, and watch! Lest ye be lacking in interweb coture!

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