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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Things!

Happy New Year to everyone out in Blogland! All my good pictures have friends in them, and it is my general practice not to post pics of people without their permission, thus, my cruddy screencap out of a movie I took of the ball dropping. But, my friends and I had quite a party. Some people got drunk, but most of us had pizza and other goodies, watched some shows, and had a rousing discussion flowing through all things nerdy. I hope someday, when I have a place, I can host parties as well as our host did.

My New Year's Resolutions:
  1. I will move forward in my career path this year.
  2. I will lose those last damn 10-15lbs that make me overweight.
  3. I will bring my GPA back up this year.
  4. I will have more than 150 blog posts at the end of the year on this blog.
I think most of them are good, and fairly achievable. I figure Newe Year's Resolutions aren't really any different from the constant goal-setting I do with GTD, but Jan 1st is a great time to kick off the to-do items I've had sitting here most of break and haven't been doing well on.

So, a Merry New Year's to all!

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