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Monday, January 09, 2006

Haku Things

Haku (dress)
Originally uploaded by agius.

This was my cosplay at Ohayocon 2006. I only wore it a little bit (lack of pockets kills my gadget foo), but it was a lot of fun to do. The rest of my pics are in an iPhoto-gallery here.

I can't really post a summary, because I was all over the place. I didn't really stop anywhere for more than 10 minutes or so, so talking about everything I did would be an essay. In short:

  • Rave: I had two blue glowsticks.

  • DDR: I played Anubis and Queen of Light expert. No tournament.

  • Naruto Photoshoots: I was at both.

  • Yaoi: Yeah, we watched an episode. It was hilarious.

  • Artist's Alley: I did some hanging out & shopping here.

  • Masquerade: I stayed until the young Haku / young Sasuke yaoi skit. It was funny!

  • Random Battle Group: I watched a few of the fights, but then I left, 'cause it was getting a little smelly in the room.

  • Who's Line is it Anime?: Kyo sang a ballad to me. I gave him a kiss at the end.

  • Gaming: Watched Naruto and Smash Bros. tournaments. Played IIDX for the first time. That game ROCKS!

  • Hanging out: I spent most of the con time just hanging out with people. Lots of names - Michelle, Chloey, Matty, Wilsey, Kiba-boy, D, Kattywampus, Kyo, Cid, Ryuichi-boy... a lot more, I'm sure. I can't remember everyone. I'm sorry if I forgot you. Please email me and let me know - I like to keep up with con buddies!

It was a lot of fun. I hope everyone I met had a great time, too. Now it's time for school again. So - off I go! Hopefully more relevant things will appear here again before long.


Anonymous Hinaku said...

; . ; It's... so sweet that you actually came to see us. *feels all warm and fuzzy inside*

I quite personally thought you were the most amazing and fun Haku and I don't think you noticed, but I followed you around a little at the first photoshoot, but I never got around to talking to you because I'm very shy in person. :3 Let's keep in touch, ne~


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