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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blogger Hackity Things

How-to: Host Template Images on Blogger
As I'm sure Bloggerites know, Blogger gives you 300MB of image hosting per blog, for free. Thus, if you wanted to change your template, it would seem economical to store the several kb of images on Blogger's infinite bandwidth servers, rather than your own limited-storage / limited-bandwidth / we-charge-you-for-stuff webspace. Really, it's barely even a hack, and I'm not sure why I haven't seen more people explain this in detail. So, here it goes:
  1. Create a new post.
  2. Click the little picture icon in Blogger's editor (both "Edit HTML" and "Compose" modes have the image icon). A new window will pop up, asking for a file.
  3. Click the "Browse" button and select whatever image file you want to upload.
  4. Click the "Upload Image" button. The layout and size options do not matter.
  5. When the upload is finished, press "Done."
  6. If you are in "Compose" mode, switch to "Edit HTML" mode now. You should see some code at the top of your post, with a link surrounding an image, and some Javascript.
  7. Copy the link's href - everything between the double-quotes after <a onBlur="..." href="copy all this"> -- that's your full-sized image's location on Blogger's servers.
  8. Click "Save as Draft" on your post. The images will not be displayed on your blog (that would be unsightly!), but they are available for public download via the link location you just copied.
  9. When editing your template, or making another web site, or whatever it is you're doing, you can use that image link to go to your hosted image. The images on this template are all hosted in this manner.
So, hope that's useful to somebody. Now there's no need to steal image bandwidth - you kids all play nice!

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Blogger Abby Bob said...

Agius, if you just want some nice images for making your post appealing, try acobox.com - it offers free hosted images. The images are hosted so they don't use your blogger quote...


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