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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Antigay Things

From my Inbox:
As you may have already heard: a LOT has happened, very rapidly, during thelast 24 hours. We have less than a day to stop this chain of events. Here'sthe short version of what's going on:

The Indiana House of Representatives will debate an amendment to House Bill1010 on Wednesday (TODAY at 5:30pm) that would prohibit cities and countiesfrom providing their own equal rights protections based on sexual orientationor gender identity. This will negate the protections that West Lafayette andTippecanoe county offers, and it is believed that Amendment 12 WILL PASS unless something extreme is done immediately.

The following activities will happen today on campus, and we will need EVERYONE's help:

1) A protest will be taking place from 9am to 5pm on the Memorial Mall. The Queer Student Union will organize this, and the purpose will be to provide information that enables the campus public to call their representatives, demanding that they oppose the amendment. Please join us on the Mall to helpus raise visibility and spread the word.

2) Info sheets will be available in the Queer Resource Center (STEW G20) and at the protest, containing the instructions below for how to contact representatives. Please pick up a stack and help us distribute these to asmany people as possible. Make sure, also, that you yourself call and/or emailthe legislators. This is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT ANYONE CAN DO.

To phone in your opposition:
-Call the Statehouse's switchboard at: 1-800-382-9842
-Ask for: a) Speaker Brian Bosma, b) Representative Sheila Klinker, or c)Representative Joe Micon (call once for each, if you can)
-Say: that you are from West Lafayette, and that you "oppose Representative Thompson's Amendment 12 to House Bill 1010"

To email your opposition:
- Send email to: Brian Bosma at h88@in.gov, Sheila Klinker at h26@in.gov, and Joe Micon at h27@in.gov
- Say: that you are from West Lafayette, and that you "oppose Representative Thompson's Amendment 12 to House Bill 1010" OR
- Go to this link: http://eqfed.org/campaign/HB1010?rk=y7SlLe71aREbW
- Fill in the information to send a form letter

3) Indiana Equality will be organizing a rally at the Statehouse at 5pm. If you wish to attend, ask for more information at the protest or in the QRC. This amendment will only be stopped with everyone's effort - please help to keep six years of protections safely in place.


So what is happening here? A state is appropriating a municipality power for the sole purpose of bigoted gay-bashing. Now before you criticize me for being a big mean Democrat who uses nasty names like bigot, hick, douschewad and assjack, realize that former king of bigots Jerry Falwell thinks gays should have employment and housing protections. So that makes these Republican fuckwads MORE antigay than Jerry Fucking Falwell. They're also violating conservative and libertarian principles, and adopting the abhorrent Bushism of "Big Government, as long as its for gay-bashing." It's early, but I'm pretty pissed off about this as both a partial libertarian, and as a homo. I'm gonna see if I can't take some action.

Anyone from Indiana who reads this, please contact your representatives, speaker Brian Bosma, and tell them you OPPOSE Amendment 12 to House Bill 1010 on the basis that it is anti-conservative, anti-gay, and anti-smart. Please comment here if you do so, and I will give you a cookie. Or something.

We can use all the help we can get with this. Even the slightest effort - an form letter from this website - would help immensely. Thank you for your help!

UPDATE: The amendment has been withdrawn from the Bill. This danger has passed. A huge thanks to everyone who called / emailed / etc., and congrats to my queer & ally fellows!

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Anonymous GrapeRoad said...

Eh, this legislation is kind of dumb.. in a way.
However, since they say it only negates what is done in cities and counties, what is left is to sway the entire state itself.
Perhaps I see things through clouded spectacles, but its hard for me to envision legislature saying that it's ok to discrimate against gays getting through, and since voting against the opposite would mean quite that, I think a statewide law similar to what is in Lafayette may be more beneficial to you all.

Well, I'm going to send out that e-mail, seems the rest of Pax Christi intends to do the same.

Blogger Agius said...

...buh? Too many double negatives. I don't quite get what you're saying. ^.^;;

According to the Star, the bill stripping cities of their ability to protect GLBT citizens from discrimination is uncertain. But considering that we now have a "Ban Gay Marraige Forever" state constitutional amendment pending, I'd say it's entirely possible that such a bill could be passed, and it's worth putting effort into making sure it does not get passed.

A statewide law similar to the domestic partnership benefits and anti-discrimination legislation available in West Lafayette would be awesome, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Thank you very much for helping!

Blogger Kitten of a Mogg said...

I went to the IE site and spruced up the form letter a little before I sent it. I also posted a link to this entry on my LJ, so you may get a little more traffic. :) Oh, and don't bother checking my Blog, cause I only have an account to comment on friends' blogs. I only use LJ for my actual entries. :) *hugs*


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