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Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Things!

Merry Christmas!
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To all those celebrating the holiday of Christmas on December 25th (and the associated evening of excitement tomorrow night), I would like to extend a merry Christmas. To those of you who are not celebrating Christmas, but have a similar holidy within the general timespan (Winter Solstice, Chanukah, Saturnalia), I wish you good tidings and blessings on your holiday of choice. For those of you (possibly including Pastafarians) who are celebrating a merry Festivus, I wish you a drunken and merry Airing of Grievances. For those of you who (for religious reasons) are forbidden from celebrating any holidays, I wish you a merry end of the year, and hope the start of the new one finds you well.

This is my nephew, Quentin, being indoctrinated into the family-related joys and decorations of our chosen holiday.

All the best joy and tidings!
~Your blogger, Agius.


Blogger LennyP said...

My boy is such a pimp.


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