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Monday, December 19, 2005

Rant Things

dear the congress of the united states,

if you cant figure out how to impeach this sonofabitch after this bullshit then you have absolutely no right to even run for anything above dogcatcher because he is saying that spying is cool and you have to tell the president that its not cool.

he went around you, he went around the court and unless you want to prove to the world that even you acknowledge that youre a rubber stamp for the administration, a pajamas media jeff guckert insta footballs towel boy and kneepadded girl for the Good Ole Boys, you're going to have to stop letting him continue to go around the constitution

so if you dont do anything about this, youre basically saying that youre too stupid to figure out that you've become the greasy hole for the fist of the executive branch.

you should all be fired.

Yes, it's a rant. It made my day. Via Republic of T.

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Anonymous Ryan said...

It is extremely depressing... meh I do not have faith anything will be done ot solve this..


Blogger Agius said...

Probably not, but maybe next election cycle people will wisen up a bit.


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