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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

API Things

Google Homepage API - Overview:
The Google Homepage API is our effort to open the Google homepage to developers. Use it to turn your web content or application into modules that users can add to their personalized homepage. You can also develop features that affect other aspects of the page, such as font and color schemes.

Hmmm... Google's competition for widgets, gadgets, and Yahoo's thingies? Since the browser is partially replacing the GUI in computers these days, it seems logical that the homepage might replace the desktop, to an extent. Methinks that is part of Google's goal -- a complete integration of computer and internet.

Now I have a new API I have to learn. Time to do some of the Javascript reading I've been putting off. Or maybe study for exams.

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Anonymous GrapeRoad said...

211 is you new soul. Even before Java. Even before whatever soul you had before. And yes.
Even before Google.


Blogger The Liberal Avenger said...

I saw your Yellow Elephant confrontation episode from last summer. Great stuff.

Keep fighting.

Blogger Agius said...

Maicher hasn't died for my sins (although he nearly killed me...)


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