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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Panda Things

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So, I got to wear my panda suit for Halowe'en this year. Quite a fun time, that was. I was really surprised this lady wanted me to hold her baby, though. Surprised, and a little nervous about my grip in that thing. But it all turned out okay, and the picture came out pretty cute-tastic.

Our room had Marolyn Manson music, strobe lights, and a fake dead hobo outside (who was actually my roommate - boy, did he scare some sorority girls!). We had candy, which included a lot of mints and some chocolate. We bought a fog machine, but we couldn't use it because it would set off the sprinklers in our dorm. We had a lot of fun this year.

I also won a $50 Adobe CS2: Revealed book in a costume contest, for dressing as a generic anime catboy. But then again, nobody there knew what a generic anime catboy was, so my costume seemed far more outlandish than it was.

Hope everybody else had a good time this year, and see you next Halowe'en!


Anonymous Kyle said...

Generic Catboys UNITE!


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