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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

DDR Things

DDR Extreme 2: a preliminary review.

So far: this is what Extreme 1 should have been.

Looking at the songlist, it appears to have most of the stuff I thought Extreme 1 should have had. Paranoia Survivor Max, Sakura, Twinbee, Un Deux Trios, Daikenkai, Cartoon Heroes... lots of good Konami originals. The American songs are pretty cool, too. Fatboy Slim's "Wonderful Night" is a really fun song, even if the steps are ridiculously easy for a 9-footer. The Chemical Bros.' "Block Rockin' Beats" is a great song, with pretty decent steps. Get Busy, My My My, Play that Funky Music; lots of fun stuff.

Instead of holding the start button to get to options, they have an options selection below the difficulties. Strange, but I like it overall.

My one big annoyance so far is the new unlock system. Basically, you play songs in Free Play Mode (better version of event mode), or complete missions in Dance Master Mode, and you earn points. You can spend points to buy new songs, information, characters, etc. in the shop. Only thing is, you have to play through Dance Master Mode to unlock stuff to buy in the shop -- if you just play songs in Free Play mode, you get tons of points, but there's nothing there to buy.

Dance Master Mode appears to be ridiculously easy. All the songs so far are on beginner difficulty. Admittedly, I'm only on the second area, but seriously. After playing enough In the Groove, I don't want to wade through a bunch of annoying Beginner mode songs to get to the good stuff in the game.

The music videos are a step up from the usual DDR stuff. They have some trippy action going on in some of the random visualizations, and the video for Get Busy is rap-tastic. I haven't been paying too much attention to them (as it should be), and they're not competing with Pump it Up's videos, but they seem nicer than the same old spikey balls of doom.

So overall, a vast improvement over DDR Extreme. They keep to the DDR formula, and improve on it very slightly with some cool new features. If you liked Max 2, you'll probably like this.

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