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Monday, November 06, 2006

Planet Hollywood @ Downtown Disney

Planet Hollywood @ Downtown Disney
Originally uploaded by agius.

This photo was included in Schmap's Guide to Orlando. It's in a weird, proprietary format such that you must download their player to read them. But, in a Google Mapsish kind of way, their maps provide a lot of interactivity and allow you to print out custom maps and travelguides. Seems pretty useful.

Schmaps are free to consumers, according to their wikipedia article, so feel free to head over and download one if you're interested. I'll probably grab one next time we travel somewheres.

Schmap scores three Web 2.0 brownie points here: 1) using Creative Commons-licensed photos to enhance their product, 2) offering free guides to towns, and 3) using bloggers like myself as viral marketing. Good going, guys!


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