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Friday, June 02, 2006

FMA Things

Not Fullmetal Alchemist - God I wish it were that. But no, it's that time of the election cycle again, and the republicans are dragging out the Federal Marraige Amendment in the hopes of getting more gay-bashing hicks to vote for them. It was defeated in the Senate last time, but it was an awful slim majority, and Democrats don't really know where everybody stands on it (maybe because of their lack of leadership on the issue).

So, I need to ask for everyone's support. If you don't like the idea of discrimination against ME being written into our country's founding document, please email, or better yet call, your Senator and let them know that you oppose the Federal Marraige Amendment. Remember: there is no conservative or liberal case for banning gay marraige - only a theocratic and dominionist one. Even Laura Bush thinks it's mean of the republicans to use our relationships as a political weapon.

Also remember that if you write or call, you are effectively about 1000 people. Senators know that if you're engaged enough to write or call in, you're one of a staggering number of folks with your opinion. So get out there & call in!

Indiana Peeps can contact their Senators at:
Senator Evan Bayh - Email, or at (202) 224-5623
Senator Richard Lugar - Email, or at (202) 224-4814

Everyone else can look up their Senator on Project Vote Smart - it'll have their email & phone number right there.

Thanks for your help, folks - I really appreciate any effort on this, as it really affects whether I can live in this country or not.


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