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Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigrant Protest Things

I'm protesting with the immigrants today, and refusing to make purchases or ride the bus. HR 4437, the bill currently being voted on in Congress, is a bill designed to strengthen immigration security, and militarize our borders just short of lacing them with land mines. It also makes it a thousand times easier to deport illegal immigrants, and much harder for them to have any rights whatsoever.

Now, there are some people who agree with that. After all, illegal immigrants aren't Americans, right? Why should they have the same rights we do? That's certainly what the racist assholes who made up the Minuteman Project thought, and it's people like that who are the driving force behind this new law. Normal people don't find the law utterly repugnant, using the reasoning above, so it has a chance of passing despite being at its heart a nationalistic attack on anyone not privelaged enough to be born in America.

Whether the law is reasonable or not, I can't help but see the action for the people behind it, and I will not support new laws designed to kick immigrants that are being pushed by the "Dey dook our derbs!" segment of our population.

Philisophically, I'm against the law as well. I'm against all immigration law. I think if you're in the country, you should have all the same rights as an American citizen (with the exception of voting - though I might argue for that one as well). Considering that we are a country of immigrants and descendants thereof, and that we say often and proudly, "Come to us, we are a land of opportunity," I think it's stupid to have the mountains of impossible paperwork and hours of hoop-jumping that we have between immigrants and citizenship. And considering the current trends of outsourcing, I think we should make it as easy as humanly possible to set up businesses in the US, which right now illegal immigrants can't do.

So all things told, I support immediate amnesty for all illegal immigrants, and I am rabidly against any of the counter-protesters out there today that will be out there screaming "Go back to Mexico!" today.

Edit: More information here: http://www.nohr4437.org/

Update: Aravosis has said it in better words than I could. Read it - this is serious.

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Anonymous Flurry said...

Well we finally disagree on something :o

Anonymous Flurry said...

Actually caught this today while reading. It's from the Odyssey (Alexander Pope translation) Book VI. It's somewhat relevant and you'll prolly like it.

But since thou tread'st our hospitable shore,
'Tis mine to bid the wretched grieve no more,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should shot as a traitor.

Blogger Agius said...

That's "You should be shot as a traitor," you retard. And if you can't refrain from trolling, stay the hell off my blog.


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