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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why the Purdue Furry Club Died

I still get asked, on occasion, what ever happened to the Purdue Furry Club.

The Purdue Furry Club is dead. I am not running it any more - no one is. The club expired from Purdue's official registry when I failed to turn in an updated consitution this year. I deleted the web site. So, it's not happening, ever.

What happened, I still get asked. It was a decent enough idea. I know a lot of furries in the area who don't know each other, but would get along really well. I was hoping the club would be a good way to get them together, as well as meet some people I didn't know. I thought it would be a good way to bring some more people into the fandom. But no - that's not what happened.

What happened is, the people I really wanted to bring together were not interested. They figured a 'furry club' would attract all the dregs of society. From my knowledge of social dynamics, the membership of the club would determine the future direction of the membership. Cool people would attract more cool people. But, when the club lacked cool people (with the exception of Kyle, Liz, and occasionally one or two others), the one or two not-cool people started bringing in reinforcements.

Essentially, two people joined the group because of a deep-seated psychological need for emotional codependence. What ended up happening at the meetings was that these people would make everyone else who attended miserable. The rest of the people at the club, being relatively few in number and lacking more mean-spirited individuals like myself, didn't run them out. So we had a club where every meeting people got together to deal with the Grand Canyon-sized emotional problems of these one or two folks. I lost interest, even when several of my friends still wanted to make it happen - they saw the promise of the idea, where I only saw the failed execution.

So, basically, the Purdue Furry Club wasn't really enjoyed by anybody, so I stopped running it. I won't start it again. The problem with a public club like that, is that anybody is allowed. I would rather be able to gate access to any furry events I set up, so that my friends and I don't have to deal with truly flawed people when we'd rather just get together and have fun.

Sorry it didn't work out, folks. But them's the breaks.


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eh, you should have pulled a "Boy Scouts". Declare you are a private organization so you could rejected the members and then suddently become a public organization when you wanted to use Purdue facilities :)

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