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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I just realized...

I listen to music that sounds like screeching static with bass drums.

Oh, and here's a picture I did in my vector art class, which a recent conversation with Liz reminded me I should show off.

So, that was a photo-trace done in my vector art class. Our projects have mostly been tracing from photos, which seems like the preferred way of doing vector art. While it's certainly possible to construct something entirely in Freehand or Illustrator, it seems like it would be a lot easier to just sketch something out real quick and have at least that as a reference.

But yeah, my art will improve some day.

Update: This project got 83 / 100. After getting lots of praise from my professor, fellow students, and others who see me working on it, this reminds me why I fucking hate art and want my professor to die.


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