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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bush's Speech on the FMA

Interesting notes from ABC:
Despite decent weather, White House organizers moved President Bush's endorsement of the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage from the austere and unmistakably presidential Rose Garden, where invitations last week advertised it would be, into a plain room with blue curtains at an office building next door.

The president stood on the stage alone, gave a muted speech and quickly left. The way cameras were positioned, the presidential seal was not visible as he spoke to the room.
Gee, does Bush really care about stopping Mary Cheney and her vile kin in the Homosexual Conspiracy? And yet, he couldn't even properly stage one of his famous photo-ops in opposition to her?

Bringing up gay marraige is a ploy. Bush is using our lives and our relationships in a cynical bid to garner more support from his red-necked WASP base. No one really believes the amendment will pass at this point. This amendment bull is obviously Bush crying for help from the religious wackos. It makes the republicans look weak, and it might encourage the Dobson / Robertson crowd to turn on him. I can only hope this nastygram to gays everywhere backfires in such a manner.

I still support action against the amendment - asking Richard Lugar why he would legislate me and my friends into second-class citizenry helps our cause. It makes sure politicians know that not everyone in Indiana is a hateful evangelical jerk, and they will remember it next time similar legislation pops up.

But hopefully this faux-posturing hurts the republicans more than it does us.

Hat tip: UTI

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