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Monday, April 03, 2006

Real Security Things

Democrats last week released Real Security, a PDF brochure making some promises about the Democrat's plan for security if they get back in power.

They have a couple really good points. They offer a back-handed bitchslap to the republicans for continually failing to properly armoring our troops. They promise to find and eliminate Osama Bin Laden - you know, that guy we were really angry at once for some reason. They promise to immediately implement all the 9/11 commission ideals, and push strongly for American energy independance.

They also offer some pretty unrealistic goals. They promise to double the size of the Special Forces when the army is still promising higher rewards to meet its lowered goals; even then it's hard to cut through the spin and see if they're really getting enough troops. They promise to secure loose nuclear materials by 2010 to prevent dirty bombs - but considering a dirty bomb is just an IED with any amount of mildly radioactive material, that seems improbable. They promise to screen 100% of containers inbound to the US. In a country that imports more than it exports, that doesn't seem realistic.

But, what this document does do, that I really like, is outline a plan for beating the republicans on national security. The administration in power has made so many ridiculous blunders on security - from Katrina to Iraq to Valerie Plame - it's inconcievable that they could claim the high ground on national security. Unless democrats let them, that is.

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