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Monday, March 06, 2006

Daily Kos: Bush is at 37%. In Indiana.

Daily Kos: Bush is at 37%. In Indiana.:
The president's approval rating equals the 37 percent approval rating Hoosiers gave President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, back in August 1994. And the rating mirrors the national view of the president. A recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll showed the president's approval rating nationwide at 38 percent.
The problem with this is, just because 56% of Hoosiers think Bush is a nincompoop doesn't in any way mean they're likely to vote for a Democrat. Negatives for Republicans do not translate to positives for Democrats. I bet the simple thought process underlying the republican vote is, "Well, our candidate may be an idiot, but he's all we've got!"

Democrats have to create positives for themselves, by fighting Republican excesses and stupidity. They have to formulate plans, put them into action, and make changes. It's hard to do as a minority party, but far from impossible. And so long as anyone can portray Democrats as "not having a plan," they will be cursed to approval ratings of Republicans - 10%, instead of their rightful place as 1 / Republicans.

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Anonymous Nightflurry said...

The GOP was the minority party for a very long time, and ever since Regan they've been doing all out war on the Democrats. The GOP has not been the same party since the 80's, it's a new breed called neo-cons and trying to beat them using old tactics isn't going to work. ... And it will NOT work to lie down and vote WITH the GOP (::cough:: DLC)

So what do we need to do? Start fighting for fucks sake, Dems! The Republicans turned themselves around by being ruthlessly partisan, it's sad I know, but you CANNONT win against that by cozying up to it, cause they're still gonna cut your throat in the end. Start fighting and keep at it and in a few years you'll be winning again since people will see you actually stand for something.


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