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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wii Things

Originally uploaded by agius.
My roommate (pictured here batting in Wii Baseball) bought a Nintendo Wii last night. My projector now runs a Wii60. It's pretty amazing, though it is disconcerting to switch so quickly between harvesting Little Sisters in Bioshock and Golfing Without Arms in Wii Sports.

Personally, I'm not too big a fan of the Wii - explaining why I haven't bought one. It's a big deal, no doubt - casual gaming is the new golden market and Nintendo has captured it. I understand why my friends love it. But it's just not the system for me.

I've found the controls to be a little iffy - I kept throwing the ball backwards in bowling, for example - and the lack of depth in Wii games really turns me off. How many minigame collections can you have? According to Nintendo, infinity. The only "deep" game that's really come out for it is Twilight Princess - and Zelda games have never grabbed me in the way that, say, Halo did.

The 360, by contrast, has Gears of War, Bioshock, Command & Conquer 3, and Blue Dragon. It's got a lot of variety, a lot of depth, and extremely shiny graphics. It's not for everyone - if you hate racing games and FPS's, then the 360's library narrows significantly. But right now it's my favorite, because it's brought a lot of joy to me personally. And it has Space Giraffe.

Correction: I have just been informed that Metroid Prime 3 is out. I couldn't get into the first two, almost entirely because of the controls. But if the controls are better on the Wii version, it could be very promising.


Blogger Zhan said...

Cool pictures!

Blogger Travis said...

Honestly, as time goes along I find the Wii to be better and better. I simply don't have the time to sit down and play long ass games anymore. I still have FF XII sitting on my shelf, wanting to be played, but I have other things to do. The thing I love most about the Wii is that, instead of pushing people apart into tiny 1 player universes, it brings them together.

Blogger Agius said...

Ah, time - who has time? But if we do not ever take time, how can we ever have time? I wish it were as simple as the Marovingian put it, but I can definitely understand being short on time.

The Xbox 'togetherness' is all about online, though. Gears of War, AC4, and a bunch of Arcade games are built for online play, and that's where the community aspect kicks in. The Wii is (right now) built for offline parties, involving people actually going somewhere and interacting. It's a more real experience, but that can make it harder to access. After all, who has the night free to actually hang out?

Lots of advantages and disadvantages to each system. Well, except the PS3.


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