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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Privacy Things

All the rage on campus right now are these goofy posters warning you how you will never, EVER get a job if there is a picture of you drunk on Facebook. "Be careful what you post online..." they warn in apocolyptic tones - "Someone might see it!"

Personally, I'm tired of hearing it. If Twitter, Google, or Last.fm wants to look at my various social networking sites, then whatever they find there is their problem to deal with, not mine. None of it is relevant to how well I handle web design and programming, and I want to work at a company that can respect that. I want my job to be as egalitarian as possible, because I'm confident I can provide value to whatever company I work at.

Finally, I'm pretty sure there would be nasty legal complications if a potential employee found out they were rejected because the HR people looked on Facebook. Much like video resumes, social networking profiles often contain information it is illegal to use as a basis to reject someone - race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. If I were a big business, I would advise HR and managers to steer clear of accidentally gathering this kind of information.


Blogger Kyle G. said...

Here Here!

p.s. I return?

Blogger Zhan said...

You are wrong about this. What the employer sees and doesn't like IS your problem. You won't get hired. Yeah, hiring someone should be for their ability to do the job, but read a book on it, or talk to any of us who have ever hired someone and you'll find it is as much about how much we like him/her, did they fit with us/ looked successful and oh, yeah, skills. Been there. Listen to Zhan


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