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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1 Year Left

I have 1 year before I'm supposed to be employed somewhere. How many more things can I learn in that time? I've averaged 3-4 computer languages per year since I've been to college. That should mean I'll be learning C++, Python, and PPC-Assembly this year. Of those, Python is the only one I don't have a class in, but that should be the easiest to learn (come on, I know Perl and Ruby). Also, for the first time in college, I actually have some free credit hours to spend on whatever class I want to take. Current list includes: intro philosophy, greek / roman history, art appreciation, and underwater basketweaving.

Now that I'm off-campus, I'm learning lots of other crazy stuff, too. How to cook, how to wire a home theatre setup, how to manage earned income, and how to be the best host EVER. This year's gonna rock.

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