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Saturday, September 08, 2007

MFM Things


Last weekend I went to Mephit Furmeet again. Four years in Indiana, four trips to Memphis for a convention celebrating my most unusual hobby. I wouldn't say time flew by, exactly, but it's crazy to think I've been pulling these oddball convention stunts for that long. Anyway, the trip was a total blast - I got to meet some cool new people, play some super-fun LAN games, and take lots of interesting pictures with my shiny new Canon Rebel XT.

I think my photography has improved vastly since last year, considering I had 250 viable photos from this year's con, as opposed to 17 from last year's. Of course quantity isn't quality, but the fact is I probably had roughly equal numbers of photos taken at the con, and this time most of them came out well enough that I feel I can post them online, as opposed to last time where most of them were too blurry, discolored, or generally craptastic for me to feel comfortable showing them to others. The year before I hadn't gotten my Nikon Coolpix yet, and only my Freshmen year did I make the mistake of using disposable cameras (limited shooting, horrible color, expensive development). So I think this year I'm really doing better, and that's exciting.

And to all the cool people I met, a grand hello, and I hope to maintain contact. Feel free to email me any time.

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