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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!

So tomorrow, I begin my long journey westward to my new home in San Mateo, CA and my new job in Menlo Park. Today is sad for me, because everything is winding down, and I am leaving my home in Maryland once again. My awesome friends here threw a big goodbye party for me, with Rock Band and Smash Bros. and some darn good food and drink. Today my parents had a big BBQ - we ate steak and played with the dogs. The party last night kept me up very late, and looming storm clouds convinced us to stay in rather than journey downtown to see fireworks. But we had an excellent Australian Shiraz to go with the televised display, and with all the feelings and my energy level, it was a nice way to spend the 4th.

Tomorrow will be sad in the morning, but I expect it will be exciting and adventurous by afternoon. My super-cool sister is helping me with the 3 to 4 day drive out to northern California, and I think once we get on the road I will be ecstatic and impatient about the new life I'm to build out there.

Perhaps more retrospective later - for now, I must get music for the road ahead. Peace and best wishes, friends.

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