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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Apartments

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Okay, so I've been slow to get around to this, but I finally got a place! I secured a big 1-bedroom apartment in San Mateo, which is part of a beautiful community. Pool and some apartments shown here. Interior shot at this link.

I found several really good deals on apartments, but ultimately I decided I wanted a no compromises, really really nice place to come home to every day and to invite friends to. And I think this is it. Laundry rooms are huge, and just down the stairs from me. No air conditioning - but then, NOWHERE had air conditioning except some luxury apartments which cost $2200 / month. Everyone said that with Bay Area weather, you don't need A/C, except maybe 10 days a year... and a fan will do fine for those few days.

I'm blown away with how awesome this place is, and I can't wait to start setting up my gaming cave. Just a week and a half more, and I move out there! Wish me luck!


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