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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Novel-Writing Things

Once again I am doing NaNoWriMo. I have started my novel, but between a flight home to Maryland on the first, subsequent visits to the doctor's office and the hospital to deal with a nasty cold and its associated rampant asthma, and my father's wedding today (pics tomorrow! hopefully...) it's been a slower start than last year's bonanza. Hopefully I will finish again this year - maybe things will settle down a bit soon. We shall see.

Anyway, here's a clip from my first 2000 words to give you an idea:
Mr. Crowley spoke, "As I see you've no wife or children to worry you, I should think that would be alright, yes?"

That was awfully detailed knowledge about his personal life. Coming from the blank-faced ferret with his unusual smile, it was rather unnerving. "I have friends, Mr. Crowley. Quite a number of them. I also have a house, and a number of possessions within."

"Yes, yes," Mr. Crowley replied, the smile not quite leaving his face. "I suppose you have. Sign this agreement, and tell your friends you are moving, but do NOT MENTION the research factory to them," the ferret said, standing from his chair and spinning the paper with the small print about on the desk so it now faced Harvey.

I'm hoping this year's novel will be significantly better than last year's. I'm hoping that I will be able to blog more of it, and perhaps post it online somewhere when it's finished. Again, we shall see.

Back to writing!

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