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Friday, March 23, 2007

Time Things

A recent email I sent regarding the web site I created (but never had the intention of maintaining): WILY Radio
Hey Tom -

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be able to fix the web site for three reasons. First, the password has been changed since I last worked on it, so I no longer have access (otherwise, I would have removed my name from the page a long time ago). Secondly, I am not, and have not been a member of WILY since the start of the year. And finally, I am up to my ears in computer science projects right now, and I absolutely will not have time for any clubs, events, or semblance of a life until the end of the year.

Sorry I can't help, but best of luck,
Also, another relevant quote from the Marovingian:
Ah, time. Who has time? But if we do not ever take time, how can we ever have time?
I told one of my friends that if my current level of school were a job, I would definitely quit. Maybe it would make money, but right now I have no time to pursue my own interests, no time to make new friends, and realistically not nearly enough time to maintain my current circle. I've lost contact with at least 8 or 9 of my friends, I haven't worked on a personal coding project since late January, and I haven't produced any music, photos, or significant writing during school this semester. If you look carefully at my flickr, you'll notice everything is either taken on or uploaded on a day that we didn't have school.

On a continuing basis, this would definitely be working on what's urgent, rather than what's important. It's the thing all the time-management authors like David Allen try to warn us about. This stress and loss of life is the kind of thing I am usually willing to sacrifice grades for. If I wanted straight A's, it would be like this all the time. Except now, I'm taxed to my limit just to be passing.

This semester should be the last of it. Next semester, I'm only taking three classes - hard ones, to be sure, but only three. Senior semester, I will see if I can once again weedle down to three - the important three I need to graduate with a BS in CGT and a minor in Computer Science. This summer I will be working 40 hours / week (which is a little more than I'm doing now), but will have free time every evening and every weekend.

Just thought I'd let everyone out there know I'm still alive, and I miss you guys. In four weeks, I should be back. See you all then.

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