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Thursday, November 02, 2006

NaNoWriMo Things

So, I started National Novel Writing Month yesterday. I wussed out last year due to lack of a plot, but I won't let that stop me this year. I may be blogging my progress - I haven't decided yet. Maybe y'all can keep me somewhat accountable. But I certainly hope to reach that critical 1667 words per day.

Anyway, here's their web page, and here's the thread for Purdue NaNo's.

And here's the first paragraph. It's not very good, so I'll probably redo the whole first section in the editing. But for now, I have to march forward - no time to look back!
Kyrin waited outside the Chamber of Lords, somewhat anxiously. He clutched his hands betwixt his knees and looked around nervously. It's not that he was in trouble - probably the opposite. But the Chamber of Lords was always intimidating, and it usually meant big changes. Basically, he would sit in the middle of about twenty of the most dangerous mages on Aerth and get lectured about what needed to be done. It was all their opinions about what needed to be done, and usually it devolved into a politically correct argument between two or three of the big players, and whatever gguest happened to be in the room was barely involved at all. But, if he screwed up sufficiently, Kyrin might just find himself on assignment in the Sea of Malagam, whose noxious odor is said to spark vomiting from miles away.
Yes, my novel is set in a fantasy universe whose dimensions I have not yet determined. No, my world will not be as detailed as Tolkien's. I feel like with the shotgun, hurried approach I'm using, I'll be lucky to have a descriptive voice, let alone deep characters or an approachable setting. But, there will be words on the page, and that's more than I've done in years.

Also, I'm using Google's Writely for writing and editing. I like having a decentralized storage, and their editor is more simple (and therefor nicer) than Word or most other text editors. I was thinking about using a wiki, so I could easily organize character and setting information, but then it occurred to me that I won't have time for such things.

Anyhow, wish me luck!

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