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Monday, October 23, 2006

Create Digital Music � Second Life for Musicians: Vintage and New Virtual Synths, Music Community?

Second Life is one of those things I might try out one of these days, except that I’m quite busy with my first, second, third, and fourth lives at the moment. I’m surprised that while Tom at Music thing catches on to music gear sales in the virtual community, he misses out on all the synths. Search “synth” on the SLBoutique, and you’ll find lots of classic gear rendered in 3D form. Seen recently:

Conbrio Synth
Yamaha DX1
Roland JX10
TimewARP 2600 (a unique virtual version of a virtual version of a real synth - yikes!)
More from the "Oh dear God I wish I had time for Second Life" department. It just seems there is newer, cooler stuff on Second Life every single day. Now with more than 1,000,000 users, the platform gets more and more appealing.

God I wish I had time and a fast computer for it. While my trusty Powerbook G4 seems to render Second Life just dandy, laptop trackpads, mini arrow keys, and a shaky wireless connection just don't make for a good SL experience. And my Windoze tower is, well, not a gaming machine. Plus, I have too many other projects at home.

Anyway, hope everyone likes synth porn. ^.^

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