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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Destructoid � Blog Archive � Live at the NYC Wii event - Video Games PC Games PlayStation 3 GameCube PSP DS GBA PS2 PS2 Xbox 360 PlayStation 2

Destructoid Blog Archive Live at the NYC Wii event - Video Games PC Games PlayStation 3 GameCube PSP DS GBA PS2 PS2 Xbox 360 PlayStation 2:
Wii on sale Nov. 19. Worldwide debut is here in Americas. The same place they debuted DS. Available across 25,000 points of distribution. Price will be $249.99. One price, one configuration, one color — white.

4 million Wii consoles shipped worldwide during 43 days between launch and Dec. 31. America gets the largest share. Flow will be continuous and even.

Inside box, get everything you need. One Wii remote and one nunchuck. One central message for Wii: Once you play it, you will understand. There are two dozen games here for us to play, with some better than E3. Some we’ve never seen or heard of before. Showing us Wii Bowling now, which is part of Wii Sports.
So it looks like I will be purchasing a Nintendo Wii. $250 is more than I was hoping for, but it would be silly of Nintendo not to charge the maximum price the market will allow.

Problems: I don't see a launch title I'm terribly interested in. Besides the system itself, I don't know what I want to play. I've never been much of a Zelda fan, and Wii Sports sounds... okay, I guess. Red Steel seems like the game to have, and if that actually makes the launch date, then that's probably what I'll want.

However, if Microsoft can beat the Wii's price point, I might be swayed back to the 360 camp. Dead Rising is a big pull, as is Enchanted Arms. And XNA... oh sweetness. The Wii's online systems look to be an iTunes-like, end-to-end solution, with designated 'user participation areas' like message boards and avatars.

Ooh! Check this out:
Mii Channel — digital character of you or anyone in a big 3d virtual room. Can interact with others in this channel. Can customize avatar — he’s making a Samuel L Jackson character. Guy actually looks like Jackson, pretty funny. Tons of choices and such to create character. Gives Sam the Pulp Fiction stache. Can change outfit color and put in a nickname.

Can do a little dance move. Now showing interaction. Can transfer Mii’s to Wii remote and can customize Wii remote to carry Mii’s. Can populate your own Wii console and also populate other consoles. Can also let Mii’s populate your games like Wii Sports and Warioware and others in development.
Make your own avatars for games?! How cool is that? I hope it gets used more than the ne'erseen imported soundtracks feature on the Xbox.

But even if it's only good for online interaction, there is a Second Life-like point of customizable identity to it. And I do find that very attractive.

Time to check EB and see if I can reserve one of these beasties.

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