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Monday, August 28, 2006

Open Letter

An Open Letter To Those Born After 1982 (Or The One Thing Your Parents Got Right) � chartreuse (BETA):
I’m sure your caregiver wants or wanted you to get a good job at a big corporation with tons of benefits.

Wrong move.

The bigger the company the faster they fail and the harder it is to stop their failure.

You want to go small where you can be important faster and have a say when things need to change. Fast.
This is an interesting philosophy. If you take complete care of yourself and work for a small - medium size company, you are probably in a much more stable position in case of massive emergencies.

I have to say, I could definitely picture myself switching jobs every 5 years, and depositing my retirement money into a Swiss account while purchasing my own albiet cheaper health insurance (though in Canada, I wouldn't even have to do that).

This is an interesting read.

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Anonymous Chex said...

Ah, the happy medium. Anything which keeps you closer to the top seems like a good idea, if only for benefit of the doubt when things go askew.


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