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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Facebook Things

So, a lot of people are upset about the new Facebook Feed. The big man behind Facebook posted to their official blog in response:
We’re not oblivious of the Facebook groups popping up about this (by the way, Ruchi is not the devil). And we agree, stalking isn’t cool; but being able to know what’s going on in your friends’ lives is.
I tend to agree. This is much like the Gmail privacy freak-out -- much ado about nothing. Frankly, if you're willling to post and keep track of everything you do on Facebook, you really have no reason to complain about your lack of privacy. Once you put information online, it will be seen and tied to you. Permanently.

I wonder what my future employers will think of this post. >.>

Besides that, it's not like stalking is any harder than it was. Given an IP, I could call the police on someone across the country in minutes well before Facebook appeared. I think it's just spooky for people when they realize how much of their information is being collected and profiled. I bet AOL users were (rightfully) scared when AOL released their data. If that isn't an action call to leave behind an unethical service, I don't know what is.

But in any case, the Feed is just the sort of thing that might get me addicted to Facebook. Whereas before I haven't wanted to waste bunches of time to find out mostly irrelevant information about friends, I'm willing to stop by and read up on my home page every now and then.

I digg the new features. Good going, guys!

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Blogger dotSyntax said...

Here is a live counter of the number of people who have joined the "Students against Facebook News Feed" group on Facebook..... 300,000 and climbing



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