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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Operation Yellow Elephant

I finally decided to participate in Operation Yellow Elephant, and I think I successfully ticked off the republicans a bit. I went to their callout and spent a few minutes trying to recruit soldiers for Iraq after the meeting; unfortunately, they had a BOUNCER at their callout, who decided to shut me down. I was called insensitive, Michael Moore, and other nasty names.

Watch the video.

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Blogger Gen. JC Christian, Patriot said...

Great work!

Blogger ariadne said...

Cheers to you! Very impressed with your poise. Love that the 2nd guy couldn't be bothered to explain even one reason that people who "cannot" join the military have and would require extra sensitivity.


Blogger Sadly, No! said...

Wow -- nicely done.

Blogger LISojourner said...

Marvelous, absolutely marvelous. Congratulations on your courage. I, too, would like to know what it is exactly that is supposed to require your "sensitivity". Young man, you bring tears to my eyes.

Blogger prorata said...

Superb work, but you should talk to Crooks and Liars and see if they can host your vid for you. Atrios just pointed about a million people your way. ^_^

Blogger ntodd said...

Michael Moore is fat.

Blogger Roxabunch said...

That is hilarious. You've got gumption, I would have shit a brick walking into that snake den.
But it's true, you almost made them cry. You need to be sensitive. Next time, try footrubs and love letters.

Blogger Avi said...

Wow that rocks... What was the event that you were passing the fliers out at? I'd like to try identifying the eloquent gentlemen who took the time to explain why you were being insensitive.

Blogger Friendly Fire said...

Brilliant, well done.

Blogger Flash said...

That is beautiful.

Blogger Zeno said...

Wow! I feel really bad for all of those brave young GOPers who want to enlist but cannot "for one reason or another" (as the stalwart doorkeeper said). I can only imagine that the frustrated would-be soldiers suffer from crippling diseases and conditions such as, perhaps, acne, shin splints, and the heartbreak of psoriasis. Fortunately, Agius received a proper scolding and tongue-lashing for being so insensitive from one of those touchie-feelie I-feel-your-pain Young Republicans.

So don't forget! The members of the Republican Kiddie Corps desperately want to serve their country, but they're just too damn sick to do it. (Hey, I really believe that last part!)

Blogger Arbo said...

You insensitive bastard, making people feel bad for not serving because they cannot for one reason ($). Or another (cowardice coupled by the eagerness to let other people who they haven't met die so they can get a half-woody off the power of American might, if only by association).

On the other hand, I give grudging credit to you for not dissolving in laughter when the fat boy likened you to Michael Moore, or when the oddly pale sensitive Republican failed to state one (let alone the other) reason why he was not in uniform.

Blogger Plaudit said...

Keep up the good work, Mr. Yellow Sensitivity should be ashamed for keeping you from your recruitment efforts!

Blogger --mf said...

Nice work, Soldier!

It just might be a good idea to investigate the sensitivities of those young GOPers who can't join. Heh. Log Cabin 4f?

Get this over to Crooks and Liars or OP Y.E. quick.

Tony B.

Blogger The Donkey said...

Great work. As ariadne wrote, great poise and professionalism..

Blogger greeseyparrot said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger TL said...

Good work, bro!

Fun stuff!!!

Blogger TL said...

Good work! That guy talking to you at the end seemed really pissed off as he made his pathetic excuses for not serving!

You rule!

Blogger Frederick said...

Hilarious! Great job.

Blogger greeseyparrot said...

It's beyond me, why these people aren't simply thrilled when allowed the chance to participate in something they deem so necessary, even noble. My guess is that they are being misunderstood. To be fair, it seems that at a minimum, they should be given another opportunity to overcome what may well be just shyness.

Blogger roooth said...

So now we know: GOP actually stands for "Got Other Priorities".

Blogger Redbeard said...

A good beginning!

Next time, try a polo shirt and tighter jeans, with your hair tucked under an Abercombie & Fitch cap, so they don't peg you so quickly. If you're really comitted, get a buzzcut--Barbers do 'em cheap.

Better yet, get a Christian shirt. Something with a message like "Just say Yes to Jesus." Christian Bookstores have them. A Jesus shirt and camoflage pants, and combat boots. Inexpensive at your local Army surplus store.

And if somebody says they can't serve in the military, just say, "Well, if you don't tell them you're a homosexual, they won't know, they'll let you serve as long as you abstain from homosexual acts."

Blogger d_orlando said...

Maybe they suffer from the same "sensitivities" that kept their hero Rush Limbaugh from serving in Vietnam - the dreaded "pachydermis croceus polypus analis" - Yellow Elephant Anal Polyps.

Blogger Vicki said...

Well, I guess being sensitivieis one of those ideas these stout young chaps are fighting for over here. .....Nah.

Good work young man, a Medal of Freedom for you!

Blogger Emeric said...

(The video is choppy on my machine right now, so if any of this was stated in the film, sorry.)

"Mr. Sensitivity" is the spokesnut for Campus Crusade and the Young Republicans... I used to see him all the time faxing press releases at the Wiley mailroom. Glad I don't work there any more.

Ever notice that the people who are most in favor of this "war" are the ones who just can't go fight it? These are also the same people who wanted me to mistrust half of my customers over there.

Unfortunately, you go to school (and I live across the river) in the butt-crack of the bible belt. You'll get idiots like these. Have the "I Agree With Matt" shirts shown up again? (Last I heard, Matt is still dead.)

Good work. Someone needs to rile up that place.

Blogger Swopa said...

I'd like to try identifying the eloquent gentlemen who took the time to explain why you were being insensitive.

So would Fox News. That guy's going to go places.

Blogger Pudentilla said...

god-like, inspired, brave and brilliant, you are, sir. would that we, had half your gumption a thousand years ago when we were your age. and may I add that the contrast between that bumptious ass who criticized you for your lack of sensitivity was utterly compelling - he was all hat no cattle, all show no go [as you brilliantly demonstrated] - you were walking your talk. his little finger pointing parade was worthy of jon stewart.

Blogger eRobin said...

Bravo! Heck, next time bring a recruiter who doesn't mind wasting his time.

You're a brave man. Keep up the good work.

Blogger John said...

Hey nice job. You da man.

Blogger eRobin said...

P.S. Or a vet from Op Truth to let them know how much they're needed on the front lines. I'm sure s/he'd love to hear about the need for sensitivity when dealing with hypocrites.

Blogger The Seriously Ill said...

Now I understand. They want to join bur for one reason or another, they can't. What could the reasons be? The first guy at the door is too fat. Since NTODD pointed that out about Michael Moore, I guess that that is not too insensitive. Other reasons, grad school, girl friend, too pussy to sign up. That about does it for the reasons.

And while I'm at it, the Army and Marines should be more sensitive and stop running all those commercials about how great it would be to die for your country.

Blogger court fool said...

You are a fine American!

Blogger dopealope said...

You should really be more sensitive, but otherwise that WAS ABSOLUTELY F---ING GREAT. Except, of course, the sensitivity thing ...

Blogger CiscoKid said...

Great move(ie).
You are bound to succeed in whatever you set your mind to. If not at least you pissed off and made a "young republican" look like a moron-who's sensitive ass should be sent to Irak immediately!
keep it up

Blogger the_duke said...

I can't believe you people are encouraging such insensitivity!

You liberals always claim to care for your fellow man. That's bunch of crap. If you really cared for your fellow man, you'd be over in Iraq right now, so that you could make young Republicans feel good about staying home, talking about how much they support you, and putting all that time and effort into getting those costly yellow bumper stickers. You could make these Republicans feel good about America by going and killing some terrorist, a future terrorist, or a terrorist's wife and kid, but you won't because you don't really care about your fellow man. You're just a bunch of insensitive hypocrites.

And posting that video on the internet! That was uncalled for. Now I'm not going to be able to go to our local Republican rallies without worrying if you or some other liberal lackey with a video-cam is going to be lying-in-wait for me dastardly fliers in hand. I am simply too sensitive to have to endure such obstacles to my patriotic fervor.

What's next? Are you going to go to a Girl Scout meeting and demand those who claim to support the Girl Scouts have to go out and sell cookies? Some of those Girl Scouts may have bunyons! Really, really bad bunyons! And as much as they want to support the cause, they just cannot. You are bunch a thoughtless jerks.

I'm going to go back to Free Republic, where the true patriots serve America at 40 words per minute, so I can tell them all how much you hate America.

Blogger Pinko Punko said...

Oh. My. God. The guy didn't even believe his own bullshit (Mr. Sensitivity). He was exhibiting any and all physiological signs of lying. I bet his ass was clenched as tight as his brow. Thing is, he looks exactly like every single Young repub I went to high school with. Nice work, boys! You rule!

Blogger Carnacki said...

Excellent. I salute you, sir.

Blogger Mr. Harris said...

Wow. That was great.

I imagine that in a room full of Young Republicans -- which is my worst nightmare -- there may, indeed, be one or two individuals who wish they could join the military, but can't for whatever physical or mental disability they have.

But what about the rest of them? What's their excuse?

Their mommies won't let them?

Blogger Roy said...

Yep, them Republicans are just thooo thenthitive.

Are Republican Babies first words Talking Points?

Blogger lazlo said...

The next time that anyone says to you that you are, "being insensitive to those who want to serve, but cannot", say the following:
"Well, Im not here to see those people. I am here to see those who CAN serve, but choose not to. Like you."

This tactic used by the YE's, is also being employed by bush at the moment. Im sure that the RNC thought this up, and they all feel that it is irrefutable. NOT.

Furthermore, one can also suggest to those who "cannot" serve, that one need not see any combat. They can volunteer for hospital work.

If you can get these people's ph#'s, just sign em up for some info anyway. The recruiters wont stop calling, Im sure.
Lastly, I had to sign-up/create a freakin' blog, that I DO NOT want, just reply here. Pain in the arse.
I have no intention of using it. Waste of time.
Nice work, just the same.

Blogger Steve J. said...

Thank you!

I'll spread the word.

Blogger republicans are idiots said...

Well, you could go post at my homemade blog, which doesn't give a rat's ass whether you have a Blogger account, or any account at all at the present moment. There's a guy called the Carpal Tunnel Kid over there who'd just love to have someone else to talk to besides myself.

As for the "bouncer," he reminds me of any of a dozen or so people with whom I went to high school. Insufferable bastards, every one of them, none of whom would think of spending so much as one day in a military uniform. Hell, they might break a nail or something.

Blogger republicans are idiots said...

Oh yeah, I can't very well invite people over to my house without directions, can I?

Blogger Gabe said...

The 'Got Other Priorities' Party is a catchy name, I' definitely be using that in the future.

It's a damn shame the audio in the video wasn't that great because I couldn't hear what some of those reason were why those patriots couldn't fight in Iraq. Oh, wait. He didn't go over that-- Never mind!

The whole 'they have reasons they can't go' excuse is simply that-- an excuse. Insensitive, my arse. They are cowards, plain and simple.

Blogger Steve said...

Good work, son. Keep it up. Maybe place an ad in the school paper to suggest Young Republicans troop to the colors,

Blogger Guancous said...

That must have been a "Support Our Tax Cuts" meeting instead of a "Support Our Soldiers" one.

Blogger John said...

When I hung out with College Republicans I wore my Forrest Gump shirt with an American flag on it.

Blogger busdrivermike said...

Funny how the young Repubs are so into "sensitivity" when means throwing the truth in front of their faces.

Frankly, I hope the dauphin Bush does stay the course, because he is driving the GOP straight off the politcal cliff. The Iraq war is over, any military or political mind worth his/her salt knows it.

This time, the democrat bigwigs are smart enough not to let the GOP pin the blame on "lefties". This is their tar baby, baby!

Blogger Ol' Froth said...

Well done! You showed them for the cowards that they are.

Blogger Kire said...

You need to be sensitive, and I'm going to show you how sensitive you need to be by pointing my finger at you and raising my voice.

And you're welcome to do a Michael Moore documentary here, but you've got to go away from here at the same time.

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Blogger Maezeppa said...

Calling your "Michael Moore" is a compliment, not a nasty comment.

Blogger stupidamber said...

very nice!!!

Blogger Doug said...

Good videoblog, thanks........dk

Blogger Shawn said...

That finger-pointing "Mr. Sensitivity" seemed equally interested in intimidating you and offering excuses. What a bully.

Blogger jake leg said...

These people need to understand that we're a nation at war! We have no time for petty luxuries such as "sensitivity." What kind of a namby-pamby wuss would whine about sensitivity when our nation is failing to reach its recruiting goals?! Get with the program, buster! Shape up and ship out!

Blogger pinko said...

Cough... cough...
Wow. I would love to serve my country, too. If only it weren't for this durn, uh, life-threatening illness I have contracted while... fighting the enemy at home. Cough... hrmmm...

Blogger pinko said...

Cough... cough... Yeah, man. Me, too. I sure would love to serve my country. Durn this cough, though.

Blogger eldorado said...

A Pat on the Back soldier! Well done.

Blogger Helen Wheels said...

Very impressive! You are truly brave. Going up against fearsome Young Republicans and all!

The "spokes-guy" used the exact same tactic they all do, turning your polite request against you, making himself & young repubs the victims, and you some sort of insensitive creep.

Of course, it backfired. He comes off as another brainwashed asshole. I wish I knew why those who "are unable to serve" unable? Spokesguy seemed to have shooed you away before he could explain.

Blogger The Bionic 1 said...

Anothet young idiot that has no clue about the sacrafices made so he could live the way he does now.

Your all pathetic.

Oh by the way, Kerry lost, Bush won.
63 million of us got it RIGHT.

Blogger isthisnamefree said...

nttodd said...

Michael Moore is fat.

12:48 PM

Great observations, Timmy. Lets move on to the next object...."Bees go ___, Fill in the blank, Timmy"

Blogger isthisnamefree said...

of course they are a bunch of pussies. making excuses. you believe in that shit then fight for it. lames making excuses. here's one for the "tough guys" go pick on cindy sheehan and a group of unarmed peace activists. that more of your type of fight. f'n lames.

Blogger Jassalasca Jape said...

Coming late to the party, but ...

One reason! And another! Not just one reason! More than one reason! Many people! In this room! Right here! Multiple reasons!

I will confess that I was persuaded right there; but the finger jabbing in the air, that was overpowering. It's a shame he's not willing to work that finger thing of his a little closer to the Tigris, I'm sure that he could win over insurgents of all stripes right away.

Blogger P L Szymeczek said...

Sarge, I'm only eighteen, I got a ruptured spleen
And I always carry a purse
I got eyes like a bat, my feet are flat, and my asthma's getting worse
O think of my career, my sweetheart dear, and my poor old
invalid aunt
Besides, I ain't no fool, I'm a goin' to school, and I'm working in a defense plant.

-"Draft Dodger Rag" by Phil Ochs

Blogger Pinko Punko said...

Agius, we put a freeze frame of the Captain Bullshit/Mr. Sensitive up at Three Bulls! (Click my name). I am trying to get as many people to plaster his disingenuous mug all over the internets.

Blogger Yossarian said...

Cows may come and cows may go, but the bullshit goes on FOREVER.

Throughout this thread, I couldn't help noticing that no one saw the parallels between Mr. Sensitive Repiglican in the video and a certain earlier incarnation of War-supportin' Repiglican.

It was during the 1988 Houston GOP convention that one Texas Repig, upon being asked why he didn't serve in Vietnam, answered that it was because all the Negroes and Mexicans took up the plum combat assignments in the draft. Tom DeLay, it may have been. Or perhaps Phil Gramm. Maybe Dick Armey.

This is the same thing, a generation later: "See, Dude, y'know, like, I, y'know, would, like, LOVE to serve my country. But all the Latinos from the barrio and the dumbass hillbillies have taken the cool jobs, like 'Target for Car Bomb,' so, y'know, Dude, like, I can't go. I have to stay here and get my engineering degree so I can make, like, cool shit that, y'know, blows people up, n' stuff! SNAP!"

What a gang of yella-bellied, lilly-livered, pusilanimous coward-assed BULLIES!

Good job showing the yellow skin to the rest of the world!

Blogger mdhatter said...


'some people' were in that very room??

what were 'some people' saying?

"you need to be sensitive"

welcome down the rabbit hole everyone, care for some tea?

Blogger mdhatter said...


listen to redbeard, and don't hand over the whole stack of fliers next time.


Blogger Connecticut Man 1 said...

Nicely done!

You really have to be sensitive when bringing up these issues amongst a group of people who's trust funds likely forbid their enlisting though! (LOL JK)

Blogger The Bionic 1 said...

Republicans run.......


Beacuse the Democrats have nothing new to bring to the table.
Your party better get its act together because the Reps are going to keep winning unless they get away from the Michael Moores of the world.

Reading how so many of you would not fight for this country discusts me. Sad.

Blogger Ethical Atheist said...

Nice work. I did this sort of thing in Times Square during the RNC and the Rep. delegates couldn't run fast enough. My only advice is this. Get your hair cut and your questions lined up. Statements of actual fact will fall flat with these morons. They are experts at twisting facts. This is how their opinions are formulated. Fact-based questions have the best effect. It's the "give them enough rope and they will hang themselves" approach. Let them speak and your camera will level the indictments.
Breathe deeply and do your best to stay calm.(after a time it will become automatic) Take strength by remembering that you are right and your cause is worthy. Your opposition will never find similar strength as they are drawing on fear, uncertainty and fallacy for their support.

Blogger Ethical Atheist said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Pale Rider said...

Gee, maybe you boys and girls overlooked the fact that U.S. military service is VOLUNTARY. There is NO Draft. These people don't have to join up if they don't want to, it's their choice.

The people in the military joined voluntarily and as such should not be surprised by DOD policies such as "stop loss". When you join up, you should read the fine print and not bitch.

Just for your information, I am a retired military veteran with twenty years of service to this country.

Blogger Pinko Punko said...

Pale Rider, when the admin starts a war that will break our voluntary force, redering it ineffective, and the war is not necessary or well-implemented, it's time to start talking about sacrifice for those that want the war. Even when there was a draft for Vietnam, these same guys or the antecedents didn't fight. In addition, it's time to talk about how to support the troops. One half of the country doesn't want them in danger, and if the facts had been clear before, I'm sure that no one would have wanted them sent out to begin with. So what are we going to do? Have them ground into hamburger for political reasons?

Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

Pale Rider - what part, EXACTLY, of this video made you think anyone missed that service is voluntary? It's why he was going there asking for volunteers among those who are not effectively forced to volunteer by their oppressively poor economic backgrounds. What greater sacrifice than to give up comfort for their nation's ideals? Who better to ask than the silver-spoon-fed Republicans?

You dare DARE to accuse Democrats of being unwilling to serve their country? Take a read of these letters from the American Legion and tell me what you just said, again! I dare you.

Blogger Max said...

Awesome job, kudos!

Blogger quieto said...

Same stuff happened at Texas A&M, where the YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas) and the Corps of Cadets all seem to have better things to do than go fight for their beliefs (YCT: establishing contacts for their personal Aggie networks, Corps: playing G.I. Joe, picking up chicks in their boyscout uniforms, homoerotic hazing)

Blogger Rick Hardwell said...

Way to go, faggot.

Blogger wapsie said...

Heroic stuff. Great work.

Thoughts: How strange, everyone wore a mask. Everyone's a spin doctor, false politesse all around.

Suggestion: If it's a game of masks, then maybe do cut the hair & wear a golf shirt or something neat & non-descript. Stealth.

Peace & Good luck.

Blogger Ryan G said...

Inspirational. I'm currently looking up the meeting times of my local College Republicans chapter and securing a video camera to capture the shenanigans on tape.

Blogger Sirkowski said...

Try to look more gay next time, it worked for Jeff Gannon.

Anonymous wiggums99 said...

Yes! How insensitive! There are a number of reasons they can't sign up. Daddy just bought you a BMW.... You have plans on getting sorority girls so drunk they pass out.... You've already sent chapstick to our troops. And the number one chickenhawk reason for not signing up: You already put a yellow ribbon magnet on your car, and isn't that enough?

Blogger Grodge said...

Kudos on uncovering the hypocrisy of the Young Republicans.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hats off to you for a wonderfully low-key "Coward Outing" captured on tape. They remind me of all the dumbshits I knew in college who dodged 'Nam but are now....ChickenHawks.

--Mr Trail Safety

Anonymous dwindle said...

there is a minimum of 500,000 republicans serving in the military today.

you don't have to do something to agree with it.

i don't see you guys in iraq making garage door opener powered bombs to fight the infadels.

Blogger auldblues said...

Everybody knows that kids from overprivileged families in Connecticut do not enlist. It's underprivileged kids from Arkansas that sign up. Everybody knows this, of course. Those rich kids are always so busy with their hip sociology classes, and their drunken "support the troops" parties. Everybody knows.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought you'd want to see the email I just sent to the College Republicans:
Dear Ms. Kmetz,

Last evening, I watched a video entitled "Yellow Elephant," in which someone tries to hand out military recruitment information to the participants of your group's callout. http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~atevans/Yellow_Elephant.mov

I found it amusing that someone in your group berated the young man for being "insensitive" to the fact that people at the callout would want to serve in Iraq but were unable "for one reason or the other."

I was curious to know what could possibly be wrong with these people, who can attend college and participate in activities like your callout, but be unable to serve in the military. (All the ones I saw leaving the room looked fine.) Are they blind or deaf? Mentally or physically infirm? Promised to the corporate world? Or afraid?

I find it odd that there are young people affiliating themselves with the pro-U.S. aggression Republican party, when they are unable ("don't have the opportunity") "for one reason or the other" to participate in the carnage.

Contrary to your group member's statement, "You're not helping anyone," I think the amateur videographers performed an important service to the community by pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of the College Republicans and Republicans in general. I intend to send the link to everyone I know, with instructions to view it and pass it on.

Like our country's so-called leaders, most people who advocate war have never served in one. Please try spending some time in Iraq (or any other war zone of your choice) before promoting policies that send other people's kids there to kill and be killed.

Kristine A. Hoggatt

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Anonymous Sven said...

Good Job! :)

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