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Friday, August 26, 2005

Political Things

I'm a political person. This blog will have political elements. If you don't like that; well, tough nookies.

We had a great article in our student newspaper today attacking Cindy Sheehan. It was beautiful; I could swear Bill O'Reilly himself wrote it, except that it was more vitriolic, and made less sense than he does (an impressive feat by any standard). I won't retype the whole thing, as I don't think such dreck should be duplicated anywhere. When it comes up on the Exponent's web site, I'll post it. But for now, here's my response.

I love Cindy Sheehan, because whenever conservatives try to attack her, they make no sense. Take the article by "Senior Columnist" David Brunner. He compares a peaceful war protester to BTK, and then says she's worse than car-bombing terrorists. He pretends that Casey Sheehan had 100% Limbaugh-compatable views and makes the dead soldier sound like Jesus and Buddha combined. He says Cindy is attacking "veterans and the country they serve," but has no way to back this up. He pretends that Cindy wanted her son to die to better her protests, ignoring the fact that she was not political until her son died.

He then brags about sending grieving mothers a postcard. Let's make that clear: we have no exit strategy for Iraq, the number of terrorists is growing daily, and you send them a POSTCARD? Whoop-de-freaking-do! Cindy proposes we bring the soldiers home, so other moms don't have to get a call from the Army telling them their son died. And I guess that makes her Satan, Hitler, and Stalin all at once.

I think I am going to head to the Exponent callout. I wonder if that newspaper has any way to publish articles that have a point, or make sense, or don't suck? I feel like I should try.

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