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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Technical Things

Alright, I figure a bad way to start this blog would be by posting an angsty rant about how much my life sucks (it doesn't) and how much I hate my parents (I don't) and how nobody really knows what "goth" is (?). I'm definitely not doing that.

Instead, I'll say something that might be interesting about the design of this site. As the icon in the lower-right says (and the navbar I left in above indicates), I'm using Blogger. I had been using Six Apart's Livejournal for a while, as the purpose of my blogging was more social, and less demanding of quality and features. Frankly, I really and truly hate Livejournal, as it is a black hole of angst from which http packets can only barely escape. Plus, the templates are ugly, W3C-noncompliant (I know, I'm no gem there either, but that's because of the plugins I chose to install), and hard to navigate. And LJ's interface is one of the worst I've ever seen. I switched to Blogger for two major reasons.

One was that it allows you to alter the HTML template for page publishing. If you know xHTML, CSS, and even the tiniest smidgen of Perl, it's easy as pie. And while I'm not saying this site should win any awards, I do think it's much prettier than the flat, boring, low-end page I had back on LJ. And, if at any point I change my mind on that, I can tweak it.

The other major reason to switch to Blogger was the integration it offers. With customizing the CSS & HTML comes a whole host of possibilities. On the right side of the page is a Technorati search engine, which I found here, and altered to suit my colour scheme. I also added a Flickr expose and a latest links feed from del.icio.us. Both, I think, help me convey the information that I want to have on my web page: where I'm at in life and online. They also provide additional points of contact and conversation to those of you reading this -- feel free to send me some links on del.icio.us or comment on any of my Flickr pics.

I'm also planning on adding a Feedburner feed for enclosure, FOAF, and geotagging support, and possibly a few other technologies as well. I can tinker with this; using LJ, that was never an option.

I guess that's all the technical things for the moment. I'll definitely post updates as I try to keep this site near the cutting edge of blogging and media distribution. Hope it works for you!


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