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Monday, August 29, 2005

Do You MySpace? - New York Times

Do You MySpace? - New York Times:
Although many people over 30 have never heard of MySpace, it has about 27 million members, a nearly 400 percent growth since the start of the year. It passed Google in April in hits, the number of pages viewed monthly, according to comScore MediaMetrix, a company that tracks Web traffic. (MySpace members often cycle through dozens of pages each time they log on, checking up on friends' pages.) According to Nielsen/NetRatings, users spend an average of an hour and 43 minutes on the site each month, compared with 34 minutes for facebook.com and 25 minutes for Friendster.

You know, I like social networking, I really do. I like making the web available to everyone with push-button publishing and other tools that have accessable design measures. I'm a fan of Steve Krug. But I seriously dislike MySpace for many of the same reasons I dislike LiveJournal.

The design is not very good - navigation through groups is nearly impossible, and the blogging interface is very counterintuitive. But the thing that really makes it horrid to use is the customization offered on it. Repeating backgrounds that preclude my chances of being able to read the text of someone's web page. Video that's embedded on the front page, locking my browser for precious minutes. Annoying ads and flash bits and noisies that I can't get to shut up for a damn minute. The whole thing is like Geocities, but worse, because it's more popular.

If you're a serious musician, do us all a favor: make a real web site, leave your myspace blank with a link to your site. Make your site not suck: hire a web designer. Just my opinion.

And then there's the truth about myspace. Kudos to drunk report.

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