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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Yeah, I got one. I'm hoping I'll be able to develop webapps and video games for it. It does a few things that other phones do really well - music, pictures, and video (though I haven't played with the video yet myself). Podcasts might be cool if I can ever get into those. But the really big thing that the iPhone does really well that no one else does (to my knowledge) is putting the internet in your pocket. Anywhere I go, Gmail, Gcal, Twitter, and the blogs are right there on the home screen. NYT, CNN, Wired, Wikipedia? Yeah, I got that. Youtube, stock tickers, weather widget? I'm game. Crazy javascripty webapps like todoist and remember the milk? As His Steveness would say: "boom." I used to need a laptop to do all that stuff - now I need a pockettop. Which is good, since my laptop died.
More sexy unboxing pics on my flickr.
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Blogger Bandrik said...

Sweet! But it seems that your phone has mysteriously gone missing. I made this post from it. Or did I? Heeheehee.


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