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Friday, February 15, 2008

Going to the Valley

Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch on the Silicon Valley vs. Seattle debate:
Sure Seattle is beautiful (Kelman talks about lakes and outdoor stuff a lot in his post). And if you want to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle, that’s a great place to do it. If you don’t think you have what it takes to make it in Silicon Valley, maybe Seattle or other mini-tech hubs is the place for you. But the best of the best come to Silicon Valley to see if they’re as good as the legends that came before them. It’s a competitive advantage to be here. And if you aren’t willing to take advantage of every possible advantage to make your crazy startup idea work, perhaps you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.
I've never felt so anime about going to the Valley. I've known that that's what I should do since reading Ev Williams' article on the subject.

But the way Arrington puts it, it's like hitting the Pokemon League for real. You go there to prove you're the best. I don't think I'm as competitive as people make the Valley out to be - but I'll take the chance to emulate my favorite Shonen series and note that I plan on being the Hokage of web apps, the Pokemon Master of the internet, and the Pirate King of the west coast. Kicking ass starts in T-3 months.

4th Hokage
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