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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Updated Music Things

So, it got to the point where I have almost 200 MB of music online, and only 500MB of total space on my server over at Archmagus.us. Thus, I have transferred most of my music over to my profile at iCompositions. iComp offers a number of features I like, including unlimited storage space, creative commons licensing, and a podcast feed. So for those who dig the whole podcasting thing, you can automatically download my latest tracks.

As an added bonus, I have a few tracks up there that I never put here, including my latest and greatest: Rock is a Danger Zone, and A Forgotten Secret.

Anyhow, iCompositions has a great community, and a lot of talented folks, so if you're looking for a place to get or put music, I reccomend it. And despite the name, it's not mac-only -- their free loop packs are in .aiff format (usable by any program) and their upload is in either mp3 or mac-centric aac.

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