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Friday, February 24, 2006

Newfangled Radio

When I'm at work, I need music. It helps keep me from going crazy while coding, doing photoshop, or whatever it is I do around here. I can't bring too many scads of the stuff with me - I have a 512MB thumb drive, a 512MB PSP, and a 256MB SD card in my Treo (which unfortunately, I cannot attach headphones to at the moment). Even with all that, it's only a tiny portion of my 11+ days of music on iTunes. And even more so, listening to music for 3-5 hours a day would run through my much smaller collection of "stuff I listen to often" very quickly.

So, internet radio. I use Portable Winamp 5.1, since I can't install programs onto the self-cleaning builds we use at my office. It has the standard winamp list of crazy radio stations from Shoutcast, Yahoo! and AOL. I thought, since I'm in the business of reccomending places for free music, that posting endorsements for my radio stations would be a good idea. So, here goes.
  • Secret Agent - The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. As far as I know "spy music" isn't a genre, but what is? They rock it with some chill downtempo, house, jazz, and lounge music. I just heard one of my fav. Thievery Corporation songs, so you know it's good.
  • Masters of Hardcore - on the totally opposite end of the spectrum, this Swedish station throws out tunes designed to bust some eardrums. Great to listen to when on a roll.
  • Bassdrive - my favorite Drum & Bass channel. They play a good mix of stylish, jungle, and dark themes. I never hear any tunes from my collection - they usually play the newest and freshest d&b beats.
  • Digitally Imported - a collection of about 20 radio stations of any concievable genre, these guys have quality.

I also heartily reccomend pulling up the list built into your favorite media player and just clicking around. See what pops up! Life can be full of happy surprises.


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