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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dick Things

Dick Cheney "accidentally" shot his friend on a hunting trip! ZOMG!

According to ABC, Cheney hit him with a shotgun to the face and chest at about 30 yards. I want to know - why the hell are you hunting quail with a shotgun?! Wouldn't that kind of explode it? And is 30 yards really that far?

Just kidding. I'm sure it was an accident. But I haven't heard of any democrats shooting their friends in the face lately.

"George! Cheney's team killing again!"
"Stop being a dick, Dick!"

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Anonymous Flurry said...

Actually, the guy was a lawyer, and I heard that he might not be doing as well as first reported, we shall see. ^^

I'll bookmark you blog, because I like what I see.

Anonymous GrapeRoad said...

Well, you hunt birds with a shotgun loaded with bird shot. So yeah, it messes the bird up real good, but it makes hiting them easier. This is what I gather from going bird hunting once, and never actually touching a gun.

Kinda nuts though, this is why I'm terrified to hunt.

Blogger Agius said...

Hmmm... makes sense, Grape. Filed under: things I didn't know about hunting.


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