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Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin on Queers

From the debate last night:
PALIN:But I also want to clarify, if there's any kind of suggestion at all from my answer that I would be anything but tolerant of adults in America choosing their partners, choosing relationships that they deem best for themselves, you know, I am tolerant and I have a very diverse family and group of friends and even within that group you would see some who may not agree with me on this issue, some very dear friends who don't agree with me on this issue.
Tolerance: to put up with something you hate. To suffer through something you would otherwise end.

Choice: A conscious decision reached by an individual after evaluating the available options.

"Some of my best friends are gay! Or at least, not as homophobic as me!: NOT a get-out-of-homophobia free card.

McCain has a hateful position towards gay & lesbian Americans. He supports proposition 8 in California. He said he would support a Federal Marriage Amendment. He does not believe that GLBT people should be allowed to adopt.

And here Palin is, trying to spin it so they look ever so nice. They don't hate those dirty, dirty queers, you see? The pair just doesn't think minorities deserve the same rights as the majority.

This is a big change from 2004. McCain opposed the marriage amendment in 2004. In fact, he was all against the religious right until about 2006, when he sold all his principals in the hopes of winning the primary. Well, I guess that works in the Republican aisles.

Oh, but Obama and Biden are the same, aren't they? After all, Biden said he opposes gay marriage! No. No, they are not the same at all. Obama supports repealing the Defense of Marriage Act - you know, that piece of legislation that means a gay couple's marriage from Massachusetts doesn't mean shit anywhere else. Obama supports legislation to make discrimination in the workplace illegal. Obama supports legislation adding LGBT people to the list of minorities protected by hate crime legislation. Obama supports civil unions - probably federal ones - that would have the same legal rights as marriage.

Also, Biden didn't say he would "tolerate" the "choices" of gay people. Biden wasn't outright insulting and condescending. And that is a big difference between these two campaigns.


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